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My SH location? Empty My SH location?

Post  TCK on Sat Dec 01, 2007 4:12 pm

Okay, it seems I kinda infused over your guy's infusions. Now, personally, I don't really want to step too heavily on anybody's toes here, and since I got a nice friendly wardtap and bullhorn notice, I'm here for diplomacy.

For the record, I only intend to have 1 square infused, I do not have any interest in joining a faction, I won't be raiding, and all I plan on doing is mass-producing a safe full of potions, enchanted swords with only a damage type and ward/dispel/reveal scrolls for bulk sale to various factions for a proper price of alchemy ingredients.

I'm not entirely sure what I can offer in exchange for this space - presumably, I could deliver a shipment of said products on a fairly regular basis to your faction, or some of your allies. Similarly, I could also counter-infuse should you want to take another square.

If we can't have a conclusion that's satisfactory, then I'd only ask for a few AP cycles to gather steel and empty my safe, at which point I'll revoke, join your faction, and spend a few cycles re-infusing the square back to your control before going off to find another location.

- TCK, Archmagister for GWoC.


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My SH location? Empty Re: My SH location?

Post  Odin on Tue Dec 04, 2007 7:49 am

Your offer sounds reasonable enough. You must never counter infuse us, I'll need to check where exactly you are (if you are in the smithy, you will need to move). You should also speak to People's Republic of Purgatorio and Decepticons (both reside on Caldera) in order to broker peace with them, tell them you have the blessing of Odin to live on Caldera.

Good luck in your endeavors, I wish you well, the life of a solitary wizard is a tough one. If you ever wish to just be a hermit enchanter with friends, consider living in our halls. Our home is moderately secure, the safe is stocked with all enchanting components and you will have a forge/gunbench/medical bay to work from. Occasionally you may be asked to do a specific job, but never will you be required to raid if you wish to focus on enchanting and crafting.

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